Welcome to my Speculative Fiction - Forbidden Computers

First... Let's meet Jeremy.

My story is about Jeremy who saves the world by making computers available to all

Can you imagine if the Internet was never privatized?

And the government limited access to the upperclass...

It all started one day during his lunch break...

Jeremy wandered down the block on the search for spare nuts and bolts for a current project at the shop. As usual, Jeremy took a dive into a dumpster in hopes of finding something that could be of value to him--he often takes home cool parts to use for hobby projects in his basement. On this particular day, Jeremy ventured further than usual, and found himself outside of RTD Financial, a successful banking firm. While digging through the trash, he was astonished at what he found at the bottom of the dumpster, something he had only heard about in passing--a computer.


After pressing a few buttons, he realized it had been thrown away because of what appeared to be faulty wiring. Jeremy quickly glanced over each shoulder before shoving the computer in his bag. If anyone had seen him with the computer he would have been immediately reported, as no one in the lower class was allowed access to the internet or any machine that could do so.

Jeremy headed straight for his basement, taking the rest of the work day off, as not to risk being seen with the illicit device. For the rest of the afternoon, Jeremy tinkered with the newfound technology.Out of fear, he called up his closest friend and coworker, Dawson. Upon hearing the news Dawson biked through the thick of the night to see the device for himself.

Find out what happens next