And so...

The two stood over the computer in awe.

“What do we do with it…?” murmured Dawson behind the faint glow of the screen.

“I’m not sure, but whatever we do, we need to make sure it’s not traceable back to us. The government took back control of the privatized Internet and has made sure it’s only in the hands of the upper class. We sure can’t get caught accessing it,” Jeremy explained.

“This is a once in a lifetime chance! Let’s just log on to the internet and see what they’ve been hiding from us,” Dawson responded quickly.

Soon they came across an article, “Scientists Stumped over How to Finish the Rockets to Mars.” The two mechanics read on anxiously about the crisis and the plan for the upper class to seek refuge on Mars, leaving the working class behind, ignorant in the wake of their escape.

“If we could just figure out how to complete these rockets, we could convince the government that we and the rest of the lower class also deserve the right to access the internet!” Jeremy exclaimed in frustration.

Next up... a trip to the capital